Workers Compensation Lawyers in San Jose

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in San Jose

Despite many state and federal safety regulations, workplace accidents are a common occurrence in San Jose. Accidents on the job can happen for a number of reasons, such as poor training, employer negligence, and defective or faulty equipment. Workplace accidents often result in serious injuries, including head injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, brain injuries, shoulder injuries, hand injuries, knee injuries, and other types of severe injuries. Workplace accidents can also result in hearing and vision loss.

Work Injury Lawyers in San Jose

Thankfully, if you were injured in a work-related accident, the state allows you to recover benefits for the damages associated with an injury through the workers’ compensation system. The work comp system provides various types of benefits for injured full time and part time employees. Examples of work comp benefits include medical care coverage, lost wages while taking time off work to recover from a work injury, and job rehabilitation vouchers.

Collecting benefits, however, can be a stressful process for many injured workers. Medical care is often delayed or denied, and compensation for lost wages is never recovered. Trying to navigate the work comp system can be frustrating and confusing. Oftentimes, affected individuals and their families are left perplexed with the process and end up with no help. Burdened by the cost of medical care and diminished paychecks, injured workers often spend valuable time stressing over finances and job security rather than focusing on what’s most important, their health.

Work Injury Attorney in San Jose

If you were injured on the job, and are feeling confused and frustrated with the work comp system, help is available. The skilled work injury lawyers at San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation understand how frustrating the work comp system can be, and can be a source of support and guidance through a difficult time. They can also fight for what’s right on your behalf to ensure you get the benefits you need and deserve. The dedicated work injury attorneys we work with have years of legal experience, and will handle your case in an aggressive and ethical manner. With filing a work compensation claim, you can eliminate the strain and worry often associated with work comp cases.

Work Injury Lawyer in San Jose

At San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation, the caring workers compensation lawyer San Jose in our group know the issues that can arise from a work comp case. Are you experiencing any form of retaliation from your employer? Is the insurance adjuster promising you medical care, but not authorizing treatment? Is the doctor you were sent to discounting your injuries or insinuating your injuries are fake? Have you been told your case is being denied, delayed or modified?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, do not wait to contact an aggressive work injury lawyer at San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation. Our group can be reached anytime of the day at 408-850-6566. You can also contact our group by submitting a case contact form. All of the caring work injury attorneys in our group offer free case consultations and will not accept payment until your case is won. There is no obligation to hire a competent work injury attorney in our group, so call now before too much time has passed and you are stopped from collecting benefits.

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