Delayed Claim Lawyers in San Jose

Delayed Claim Lawyers in San Jose

You were injured on the job and you notified your employer of the injury. You filed a form to collect workers’ compensation benefits and followed all the proper procedures. You haven’t been able to work and bills are piling up. You were hoping to get some help from the work comp system, but were shocked to open a letter from the insurance company stating your claim was delayed.

Delayed Claim Attorneys in San Jose

Why would the insurance company delay your claim? How you can make sure your claim is approved? What, if anything, should you do?

The skilled workers comp attorney or delayed claim attorneys at San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation know you’ve probably got a lot of questions about your delayed claim. They’re here to provide answers to your questions and make sure your claim is approved. The ethical delayed claim lawyers we work with are dedicated to seeing you get maximum benefits for:

  • Medical care – payments for surgeries, hospital stays, medicine, and physical therapy
  • Temporary disability – payments for wages lost while temporarily unable to work
  • Permanent disability – payments for injuries causing permanent impairment
  • Job rehabilitation – vouchers for training in a new profession if unable to return to work

Delayed Claim Lawyer in San Jose

Employers and their insurance carriers can delay a work comp claim for a number of reasons, but usually the insurance company delays a claim because they have not concluded their investigation. Some of the other reasons an insurance company may delay a claim are:

  • Discrepancy between your accident report and the initial medical records
  • Injury was not reported within 30 days of sustaining the injury
  • The insurance company was not given a recorded statement

Delayed Claim Attorney in San Jose

Don’t let for profit insurance companies deny your claim. Speak to an aggressive delayed claim lawyer at San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation immediately to dispel any doubts the insurance company may have about how you acquired your injury. They will draw on their extensive knowledge of work comp law to show the insurance company you aren’t trying to “work the system.” The knowledgeable delayed claim attorneys and imr attorney San Jose or a denied claim attorneys in San Jose we work with know you just want to get back to work and will leave no stone unturned in their quest for justice.

Delayed Claim Lawyers in San Jose

Time is critical when looking to take legal action after learning your claim was delayed. The more time that passes, the harder it may be to collect benefits for a work-related injury. Get in touch with a skilled delayed claim lawyer at San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation as soon as possible to discuss the details of your case. After hearing your story, they can tell you what legal path is best for your and your family. Call our office anytime of the day at 408-850-6566 to speak to a friendly member of our staff. When you call, we’ll put you in touch with a qualified work comp attorney or a chemical exposure lawyer San Jose at no cost. It won’t cost you a dime to speak to a knowledgeable delayed claim lawyer in our group and you won’t have to pay any legal fees until you get benefits.