Hand Injury Attorneys in San Jose

Hand Injury Attorneys in San Jose

Hand and wrist injuries can be sustained in almost any type of workplace accidents, such as slip and fall accidents or construction accidents. Injury to other parts of the body may also affect the hands and wrists. For example, an individual who sustained a neck or back injury may experience numbness, weakness, and pain in the hands and wrist.

The use of both hands is vital to performing almost any occupation. With limited mobility or no mobility, it can be almost impossible for a worker to perform a job requiring a delicate touch or hand strength. Even with proper medical care, a hand injury can jeopardize a worker’s ability to return to his or her occupation. If a worker loses the ability to use both hands, the worker’s way of life may be forever changed.

Hand Injury Lawyers in San Jose

Hand injuries not only affect an individual’s ability to work, a hand injury can also affect an individual’s way of life. A task as simple as tying a shoe could be impossible without the help of a friend or family member. What types of hand injuries can be sustained in a workplace accident? There are many types of hand injuries that can be sustained in a workplace accident. Some of the more common types of hand injuries sustained at work, include:

Sprains and strains
Sprains and strains are two of the most common types of injuries affecting the hands and wrists. Although the terms sprains and strains are frequently used to describe the same type of injury, sprains and strains are different injuries. Sprains refer to ligament damage and strains refer to muscle or sheath damage. When determining a prognosis, a physician will evaluate how many ligaments and muscle fibers were damaged, and whether or not the fibers were stretched or torn.

Hand and wrist fractures occur when excessive force is put on bones. If the force is too great for the bone to withstand, the bone will break. Fractures can be open or closed, and may require surgical intervention.

Partial hand amputation is one of the most common types of amputation surgery in the U.S. Amputation or limb loss as it is also called occurs when a part of the body must be removed because it is diseased or has sustained significant trauma. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 2,600 U.S. workers sustained amputation injuries in 2015.

Hand Injury Attorney in San Jose

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