Construction Accident Attorney in San Jose

Construction Accident Attorney in San Jose

Heavy machinery. Trenches. Scaffolding. Heavy equipment. Toxic chemicals. Construction sites are filled with a number of hazards and dangers, which is why construction is one of the most dangerous jobs in the state. Every year across the state, thousands of construction workers are hurt on the job. Although no two injuries are the same, many construction workers suffer head injuries, back injuries, broken bone injuries, burn injuries, and amputation injuries.

After suffering an injury on the job, it’s important you know your legal rights, especially when dealing with for profit employers and insurance companies. Many employers deny benefits because they want to keep work comp rates low and many insurance companies deny benefits because they want to keep money in the pockets of their shareholders. Don’t go up against your employer or their insurance company alone – consult an experienced construction accident lawyer today.

Construction Accident Lawyer in San Jose

To learn more about your legal rights, please speak to a dedicated construction accident attorney or a San Jose workers compensation lawyer at San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation. During a free consultation, you’ll learn what your legal rights are, and what the best legal path is for you and your family. You’ll also learn how an experienced construction accident lawyer in our group can keep you one step ahead when dealing with greedy insurance companies and employers. If necessary, they will bring in expert witnesses to testify on your behalf and present your case before a judge.

Construction Accident Attorneys in San Jose

You should not wait to tell your supervisor or employer about a construction accident injury and do not wait to file a claim for benefits. The longer you wait to tell your supervisor about the accident and resulting injury, the higher the risk you run of having your claim denied. Per state law, you have 30 days from when the injury occurred to notify your supervisor of an injury. It’s not impossible to collect benefits if you waited after the 30 days to tell your boss, but why risk your once chance to get funds for medical bills and lost wages?

Construction Accident Lawyers in San Jose

As mentioned above, construction sites can also be filled with toxic chemicals and substances. In some cases, prolonged exposure to a toxic substance results in serious diseases or illnesses. If you were diagnosed with an occupational illness or disease, you can also attempt to get benefits through work comp. However, many sick workers find themselves fighting an uphill battle when trying to get a claim approved. Insurance companies are often leery of awarding benefits to a worker who may not look or act injured.

Don’t let the insurance company treat you as if you were trying to con them out of benefits. Your illness is just as real as any other type of injury. Look to an experienced construction accident attorney or any shoulder injury lawyers San Josehearing loss attorney San Jose and stress injury attorney in San Jose at San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation to relieve you of dealing with your employer and their insurance carrier. They won’t rest until they achieve their goal – fair and just benefits.

San Jose Construction Accident Attorney

For a free referral to a top construction accident lawyer at San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation, pick up the phone and call 408-850-6566 today. Our group will help coordinate a time for you to meet one on one with the attorney we refer you to and you won’t have to pay a dime for the consultation. If you decide to work with the attorney we connect you with, your case will be taken on a no win, no fee basis.