IMR Attorney in San Jose

IMR Attorney in San Jose

If you filed a workers’ compensation claim to obtain benefits for a work-related injury, your claim or request for benefits was reviewed through a process known as utilization review (UR). What is UR? The UR process allows employers and claim administrators to determine whether or not the requested medical treatment is necessary. If the employer and claim administrators deem the medical treatment unnecessary, the request is denied or modified.

If a request for treatment is modified or denied, an injured worker can request an independent medical review (IMR). The IMR process was implemented by the state in 2013 to streamline the workers’ compensation appeals process. Unfortunately, the IMR process has proven to be complicated and frustrating for many workers.

IMR Lawyer in San Jose

If you would like to have your denied or modified claim reviewed through the IMR process, it is highly recommended you seek the counsel of a qualified IMR lawyer at San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation. They have years of experience handling challenging cases like IMR cases and can help you successfully through the process. Please keep in mind, most insurance companies and employers are looking for a way to prevent paying you benefits. Sadly, the IMR process works in their favor as it relies on contracted medical professionals to approve or deny the request. These medical professionals are not all doctors and in most cases, do not know the worker personally.

IMR Attorneys in San Jose

Who can request an IMR? Per law, only the injured worker or the worker’s designee can request an IMR. Designees can include:

  • The worker’s attorney
  • The worker’s spouse, parent, child, relative or other person designated as an agent to act on his or her behalf
  • The worker’s physician whose request for treatment was denied
  • The worker’s emergency medical provider (if the worker requires emergency medical care)

IMR Lawyers in San Jose

When requesting an IMR, time is a critical factor. The state only allows injured individuals 30 days from the date of service of the UR decision to request an IMR. Although there are exceptions to the IMR request guidelines, exceptions are not the norm. If a request is not received within 30 days of the date of service of the UR decision, the request will be denied and benefits will not be paid. Please do not put your ability to collect benefits at risk. Reach out to one of our friendly staff members to receive a free referral to an ethical IMR attorney or a workers compensation lawyer in San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation today. They can make sure your request is submitted correctly and on time.

San Jose IMR Attorney

Contact San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation at 408-850-6566. As mentioned above, our referral service is free and no legal fees will be collected until your case is won. The initial case review is free and you won’t be hassled to hire the IMR lawyer we connect you with. Let an experienced IMR attorney or any stress injury attorney San Jose,
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