About San Jose Work Injury Lawyers

About San Jose Work Injury Lawyers

Local workers’ compensation attorneys and personal injury lawyers created joint advertising program, San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation, with one goal in mind – to make the process of selecting an experienced attorney easy. Under California Business & Professions Code § 6155 (h) (1), we have brought together the best and brightest workers compensation lawyers in San Jose to ensure people of all walks of life get experienced legal help. With the legal expertise of an aggressive work injury lawyer in our group, injured workers can rest assured their case will yield the right results by filing work comp claim.

Vincent Howard Esq., Anthony Oropallo Esq.,  Brian Mitchell Esq., Gregory Alumit Esq., Anthony Ratto Esq.

Work Injury Attorneys in San Jose

Did you know that with the representation of a skilled work injury attorney at San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation, you are much more likely to get a favorable case result? According to several studies, workers with ethical legal help typically recover up to four times more compensation than individuals who handle a case on their own or with inexperienced help.

The dedicated work injury lawyers in our group have years of experience handling challenging work comp cases stemming from:

  • Construction accident injury
  • Toxic chemical exposure
  • Workplace accident injury
  • Aggravation of pre-existing injury or condition
  • Repetitive stress injury
  • Emotional stress illness or condition
  • Occupational illness or disease
  • Work-related death

Work Injury Lawyer in San Jose

At San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation, the ethical work injury attorneys or a delayed claim lawyers San Jose, we work with cannot stress the importance of quick action when dealing with the workers’ compensation system. Per law, employees have 30 days from the date the injury was sustained to tell their boss about the injury. Waiting more than 30 days to notify a supervisor or someone of authority could result in a claim denial. When a claim is denied, a hurt employee cannot get benefits for:

  • Medical costs – hospitalizations, surgery, doctor visits, physical therapy, medicine
  • Permanent disability payments – payments for a permanent injury
  • Job displacement benefits – vouchers to assist with job retraining or skill enhancement

Family members who tragically lost a loved one in a workplace accident or as a result of an occupational illness, may be able to collect death benefits. Death benefits may be collected by the dependents of the deceased and vary per case.

Work Injury Attorneys in San Jose

To receive a free referral to a knowledgeable work injury lawyer at San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation, call 408-850-6566 or submit a case contact form. We want to hear your story so we can connect you with the right attorney. You can talk to the attorney we connect with you for free and won’t be pressured to retain his or her services. All of the caring work injury lawyers in our group don’t get paid till you do, so why wait to seek help? Let’s get you on the path to recovery. Call today!

See our San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation FAQs, if you have any queries.