Filing a Work Comp Claim

Filing a Work Comp Claim

At San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation, the experienced workers compensation lawyer we work with understand how hard it can be to deal with legalities after suffering a workplace injury. One of their main goals when representing hurt workers is to ensure the process of collecting benefits is stress and worry free. However, the process of collecting benefits cannot begin until an injured worker files a work comp claim.

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One of the most frequently asked questions our group gets asked is, “When should I file a workers’ compensation claim?” You should file a claim as soon as you suffer an injury at work or develop an occupational illness. Waiting to file a claim is not recommended and in fact, could pose a threat to the validity of your claim. Ultimately, waiting to file a claim could result in a denied claim. If a significant amount of time passes between when the injury or illness occurred and when the claim is filed, an insurance company is much more likely to be skeptical of the claim.

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After suffering a brain injury, neck injury, back injury, hand injury, foot injury or any other type of injury in a work-related accident, you must tell your employer you were hurt on the job as soon as the injury occurs. This is an important part of the filing process and sadly, one that is often overlooked.

If you have been afraid to tell your supervisor about an injury because you were partly responsible for the accident or believe your employer will retaliate, do not drag your feet any longer – notify a supervisor immediately. If you believe your illness is related to your occupation or work environment and you have waited to tell your boss about the illness, do not wait one more day to tell your boss. Although a verbal conversation with your employer is sufficient, it’s highly recommended you provide your work with a brief written notice describing how and when the injury occurred.

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When you notify your employer about an injury or illness, they will usually have a few forms for you to fill out. Please note: if your employer does not have you fill out a Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (DWC1), you must obtain a form yourself and submit it to your employer. Once you have submitted the DWC1 form, it is your employer’s responsibility to submit the form to their insurance carrier.

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The aggressive work injury attorneys and denied claim lawyers San Jose or delayed claim attorneys San Jose at San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation have the resources and the skill needed to make sure your claim is processed correctly and with little doubt as to the validity of your work injury or illness. Drawing on their vast legal knowledge, they will not rest until you collect benefits for medical bills (doctor visits, surgeries, and medicine) and lost income.

For more information about how a knowledgeable work injury lawyer at San Jose Golden State Workers Compensation can handle every step of your work comp claim, please call 408-850-6566. You are under no obligation to hire the work injury attorney and imr attorney in San Jose we refer you to and it will cost you nothing to discuss your case in a one on one consultation. Every case is taken on a no recovery, no fee guarantee.